Photo by Ari Espay

Victor A. Mirontschuk is a New York based architect and photographer with more than 40 years of experience in architectural and travel photography.  His photography is seen routinely in many architectural trade magazines, websites and professional venues.  

As the founder of the architectural firm EDI International, Victor provided many of the photos documenting the company's designs, construction, and completed buildings since EDI's founding in 1976. 

More recently, Victor shifted his focus to the world outside architecture, highlighting important social issues.  He is a prolific participant in both National Geographic’s Your Shot and USA Today’s Your Take, where his photos have been published online many times. 

Victor was also part of the Your Shot Connections: New York City and was selected by noted film maker Ken Burns for two projects Burns was compiling, Flags and Best of Your State

Victor lives in Manhattan, roaming the streets daily with his camera and searching for the unusual and the colorful. He can be reached at and through various forms of social media using the icons below.